We advise

  • companies,
  • executives and
  • employees

in all areas of German and European employment law and related fields.

We support, advise and represent clients in employment-related transactions and negotiations and, where necessary, in litigation before the courts.

We are admitted to represent clients before all German labour courts and other courts.

Do you have an urgent employment-related problem in your company and need some legal advice? Are you seeking to introduce human resources changes and need some assistance in developing the appropriate legal structure? Do you need legal advice in relation to a company acquisition, restructuring or other similar transaction?

Contact us and we will clarify your legal needs and develop a strategy.

We also advice our corporate clients in many questions regarding commercial law. This includes, for example, the sale of goods and corporate law.

As an executive, your employment relationship generally reflects different concerns and features to those of a standard employment agreement.

Employment agreements with executives are characterized by greater flexibility, especially as regards the pay and remuneration package. At the same time, this may also involve a reduced level of employment protection.

We advise executives on all matters relating to their employment including remuneration, financial incentives and pensions.

Most employees come to us because they have been dismissed by their employer and want to discuss their legal options. If this happens to you, contact us to represent your legal interests in dealing with your employer.

We also provide legal advice on all other matters relating to your employment, such as your right to part-time work, reference letters, parental leave, to name but a few.