We know that our firm’s charges and other potential costs such as court fees are important to our clients. That is why when discussing the scope of our firm’s assignment we aim to explain the likely costs as clearly as possible.

Usually, our fees are based on the time spent on the matter (hourly fees). As an alternative, for clients who are employees we may charge fees according to the rules of the German Lawyers’ Remuneration Act. In an individual case, a fixed fee or contingency fee may also be possible.

We attach a detailled activity report including date, duration and description of the services rendered by us to our invoices based on the time spent in the matter.
In our invoices based on the time spent in the matter, the billing is effected in short units of 6-minute-intervals.
As a rule, you will receive an invoice at the end of each calendar month. Upon request, even other billing intervals are possible, e.g. bi-weekly billing.